Boudoir photography is a mixture of Art, Glamor, and Fashion with a bit of sensuality thrown into the mix. It originates comes from the French word and means “a woman's private sitting room or salon in a furnished residence, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman's private bedroom”. Historically, these shoots are primarily for women, but over the years, it has also evolved to include men.

A boudoir shoot is meant to empower and showcase that person's sensuality and intimacy.  Unlike other types of photography, the subjects of the shoots aren't professional models, but individuals who want to discover a strong and powerful person within their own skin. 

Who is Boudoir for?

It is for ANYONE who is of age.

No matter what your size, gender, or whatever other classifiers someone can place on themselves. Boudoir can be for you!

 It may seem intimidating to get in front of a lens and bare a piece of who you are. But once you push past the initial nerves and realize that you are in great hands it will be an experience you will never forget.

 You may find a side to yourself that was never expressed. It is our pleasure to help show you the beauty that you may have never seen in yourself.

Why Should I Do a Boudoir Shoot?

Here are a few reasons to consider: